True Voices

Building Community Through Creative Collaboration

“Working collaboratively, being open to new ideas, lifting up each others’ voices, and really listening to what emerges is at the core of my teaching and learning.”

Barbara McCarty Clauer, Creator of the True Voices Process

Our Workshops

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Starter Project

Perfect for introducing new clients to the general True Voices process and its various possibilities for transforming group communication and building community through poetry.

Tier 1 & 2 Projects

The larger Tier 1 and 2 projects build on the True Voices community-generated process by adding depth for the participants, types of information gathered, and the scope of what is ultimately created together.


TRUST is at the core of success in this process. It boosts morale, builds motivation, fosters creativity, and increases productivity. The results are remarkable!

Our workshops are guided by these principles:

Principle #1:
Trust the participants -

Everyone has something to say in their own unique way.

Principle #2:
Trust the process -

For most projects, the creative content is gathered anonymously. Sometimes, powerful, complex, and even uncomfortable themes emerge as the participants weave together all the material. Anonymity provides all involved a buffer allowing them to shine a light on whatever they may find.

Principle #3:
Trust each other -

Participants trust each other to hold space for individual creativity and respect what is produced.

What Our Poets are Saying

 “What I valued most about the process was working with others and understanding where people are coming from with their opinions.”

“Made me think about things a bit deeper.”

“What surprised me was how honest people were with the prompt questions. Some people got really deep.”

Portfolio of Poems

Each of these poems is the result of a group collaboration guided by the True Voices process.

collaborative poetry
collaborative poetry
collaborative poetry
community building